Partners and membership

Estonian marine industry is diverse, ranging from retrofit services to row and motor boats to various yachts, work boats and marine equipment. Estonian boat- and shipbuilding companies mainly focus on small-series production and one-off projects.

Benefitting from the small size of Estonia, networks of educational and research institutions, companies and public sector work together closely. The high quality and innovativeness of the local industry create a great opportunity for efficient and flexible testing of new solutions and manufacturing technologies.

  • the Estonian smallcraft building is focused on exports80% of the sales revenue comes from abroad.
  • Most important export markets are Sweden, Germany and Finland.
  • Boat and ship manufacturers pay higher than the average salaries in their regions, and more than 1000 people are working in the Estonian ship building companies.
  • The added value of ship and boat manufacturing companies per employee is one of the highest in Estonia.

The Association of Estonian Marine Industries is a member of ICOMIA.

Our good cooperation partners: Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry, Enterprise Estonia, PRIA Leader, Estonian Research Council

Services and activities of the Association of Estonian Marine Industries aimed at supporting the companies in our sector:

  • initiating and implementing export supporting joint marketing projects, amongst others:
    • joint fairs,
    • press visits,
    • image building in international media,
  • mediation of information, contacts and target market surveys, amongst others:
    standard agreements for selling, mediation and maintenance of ships in Estonian and English (links),

    • dealer and press contacts in target markets,
    • market research and statistics basis for our members,
    • price requests for subcontracting and construction projects, partner search,
  • cooperation with educational institutions and the Estonian Qualifications Authority for developing workforce, mediation of job offers;
  • representing the sector in developing the regulations concerning our sector both at local and international level.