Association of Estonian Boatyards (AEB) will again be participating in Helsinki International Boat Show 2013  which is the biggest event of its kind in Finland and in Northern Europe. The show will take place at Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre on the 8-17th of February. Alltogether there will be 8 members of the AEB participating the show.

As we’ve told before, Finland is basically home market for Estonian boatbuilders, so visiting the show is „a must go“ event. The boat show attracts  annually almost 80 000 satisfied boating aficionados. Visitors come from all over Finland as well as from neighbouring countries such as Russia, Sweden and the Baltics.

The 2013 Spring fair exhibition is co-funded from export marketing programme by Enterprise Estonia.

This springs fair will include:

Lindvart OÜ (product – Linda 520)
Alunaut OÜ (Aevotec 5×2,2m)
M&R BoatArt OÜ (Cumulus 164 2x5m)
Kasse Paadid OÜ (Kasse 4,3×1,5m)
Saare Paat AS (Stormer 2,4×7,5m)
Lingalaid OÜ (LingaLaid 530 6x2m, LingaLaid 249 2,5×1,4m; canoes: LingaLaid 360 0,85×3,6m and LingaLaid 460 0,85×4,6m)
Vätta Puit (historical wooden boat 4,25×1,25m)
Marineworld OÜ (Nord Hunter 2,45×1,1m; Nord460DK 4,6×1,65m and Nord 480C 4,7×1,8m)