In June and August 2010 a 5+5 days open course in boat design is taking place in Saaremaa island.

The course is given by Tero Halme, the professor of boat design from the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.

The Basics of Boat Design course is meant for all those who need to understand the basics of boat and small craft design. The primary target groups are boatyards managers and small craft builders and adjustors, but also mechanical and structural engineers who need to understand the fundamentals of boat design and others just looking for an expanded job-related knowledge.

The attendees will get a foundation of the principles that one has to take into account when constructing a boat. The successful completion of the unit gives 4 ECTS.

Additional information and registration form can be reached from the TUT Kuressaare College homepage.

If coming from mainland, hurry up, as there is a lot going on in Saaremaa during the summertime and you might not be able to get accommodation when leaving the bookings to the last minute!