Association of Estonian Marine Industries
Association of Estonian Marine Industries

Composite Plus

COMPOSITE PLUS is one-stop-shop for GRP industry customers offering 5 axis CNC milling, manufacturing of plugs and production moulds and GRP production services.

Our clients are mainly leading boatbuilders from Germany and Scandinavian countries. We also produce GRP tooling for other industries like wind industry, aqua culture, offshore-seismic, car industry, construction-architecture.

We provide innovative GRP tooling solutions for different industries, incorporating its extensive know-how and advanced technology.

We offer a full-spectrum GRP tooling services from CNC milling to final composite production moulds. Even more importantly, we work closely with our clients from start to finish on each project.

From the very first contact, through scheduling, engineering, production and logistics, Composite Plus will always be on hand to assist you in making and implementing the right decisions to meet your production needs. Our integrated solution achieved through collaboration and state-of-the-art full service means quicker delivery and higher quality.

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