Association of Estonian Marine Industries
Association of Estonian Marine Industries

Kasse Paadid

In 2023, Kasse Paadid turned 30. Kasse has 6 fibre-glass rowboat and motorboat models in various colours.

The newest model is Kasse 455R, a fully planing motor-row-boat. It is a 4-person boat that can be equipped with an overboard engine of up to 15 hp. When the Kasse 430 with a 6 hp engine achieves a speed of 12–15 km/h or approx. 8 knots with two persons on board, Kasse 455R with two persons on board moves with a speed of 39 km/h (approx. 21 knots).

Kasse boats are suitable as fishing boats, recreational craft, leisure time. The new Kasse 455R can also be used for special works, such as some harbour works and simpler rescue jobs as it is faster.
KassePaat also carries out various maintenance and repair works. Maintenance of boats: boat wash, hull repair, paint repair, as well as maintenance of overboard engines.


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