Possibilities for Public Private Partnership

in upgrading harbours for offshore developments

EE-LV00063 Harbours and PPP


Association of Estonian Marine Industries, Saaremaa Municipality Government, Hiiumaa Municipality Government, Talsi Municipality, Kurzeme Planning Region

Project budget 375 000€, incl. ERDF financing 300 000€

Project duration 36 months, 01/2024 – 12/2026

Future offshore windfarms may have a positive or negative impact on the neighbouring regions. The issue to be addressed today is if small harbours of Estonian biggest islands and Kurzeme region, and thus the local communities, can gain from the wind farms and increase the resilience of the regions. A joint strategy provides the harbours with development perspectives from the aspect of establishing new services related to the wind farms construction and maintenance. The harbours that may face reduction in tourism volumes have to be ready to reconsider their business models and may need to apply PPP solutions for their development.

As the windfarms affect a remarkable share of both Estonian and Latvian marine territories, it is reasonable to address the topic jointly since cooperation over competition is of benefit to the communities and economies here. Based on the common strategy, partners will develop local plans for harbour areas, including PPP solutions for better results. Monitoring the situation and cooperation will be continued by the partners after the project.

Project outputs

  1. A joint strategy for harbours development in the project area of Latvia and Estonia.
  2. Local development and action plans, including PPP solutions, for harbours – Talsi, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa.
  3. Cooperation model for a future joint action for harbours development.