IBI Plus News writes: Composite Plus OÜ is to take delivery of a five-axis CNC milling machine next month.

Composite Plus OÜ, an Estonian producer of GRP plugs and production moulds for the boatbuilding industry, is to take delivery of a new five-axis CNC milling machine in August. The company plans to market its CNC services under the Baltic Tooling trademark.

Measuring 15.5m x 6.2m x 3m, the new milling machine can produce plugs with a surface roughness of up to 0.17-0.2mm and fine milling with a 0.01mm scallop, allowing the company to produce large, high-quality models. In also enables all tooling to be produced in-house, and controls the product quality and project time-schedules.
Composite Plus has been producing high-quality plugs and production moulds to leading boatbuilders from Germany and Scandinavia for five years. The product range varies from small components to hulls and decks of over 20m in length.

Earlier this year, the company moved to new facilities on the island of Saaremaa, where the majority of small-craft builders in Estonia are based. It has a total area of around 1,200sq m.

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