TUT Kuressaare College will host a small craft design seminar “Si:ki:ping” on Tuesday, March 13 in Pritsumaja Grill & Bar, Kuressaare. The seminar starts at 12pm and ends at 19pm with an open discussion.

Presenters at the seminar are Niclas Kling (professional naval architect, Sweden), Henrik Andreasson (expert in hydrodynamic design, Sweden) and professor of Estonian Maritime Acadamy Anatoli Alop along with Tartu University scientist in electrochemistry, DSc Liis Siinor. More info on presentations can be found at http://www.ttykk.edu.ee/siikiiping_seminar.pdf

Small craft builders, engineers and disainers are especially welcome, presentation on electrolysis and corrosion may intrest marina operators. Everyone is welcome, but registration is bounden.