This years small craft vision seminar “Tösised jutud messis” (“Serious stories together”) which is traditionally held during  Kuressaare Maritime Festival in the beginning of August focuses on “Investments to small craft building in Saaremaa”.

The seminar takes place in Spa Hotel Meri (first floor).
Moderator Jüri Sakkeus (The creator and first chairman of Estonian foreign investments agency).
Seminar is free of charge, registration here!

Seminar programme

10 Gathering, coffee

10.30 Introduction: Saaremaa small craft building in the Baltic Sea regionJüri Sakkeus, strategic consultant of small craft building

10.45 Small craft building in Saaremaa economy – Piret Pihel, Head of Saaremaa Enterprise Centre

11.00 Accounting of small craft cluster development and new challenges for years to come – Anni Hartikainen, TUT Kuressaare College, head of Small Craft Competence Centre, coordinator of small craft cluster actions

11.15–11.45 Enterprise Estonia contribution in inclusion of foreign investments: Finding the right partners and investors in a targeted country. What can local municipalities do to help Enterprise Estonia in that matter? – Valdar Liive (Finland) ja Riina Leminsky (Germany) Enterprise Estonia, foreign investments agency

11.45–12.10 Team work: what kind of investors Saaremaa small craft building sector needs? – Jüri Sakkeus

12.10-12.30 Coffee brake

12.30–12.45 Saare county’s vision of progress and connections to small craft building – Kaido Kaasik, Saare county governor

12.45-13 Small craft building in Kuressaare’s development plan – Kalle Koov, Deputy mayor of Kuressaare

13–13.15 University’s role in regions human capital value – Anne Keerberg, Headmaster of TUT Kuressaare College

13.15–13.30 Thematical support actions from the Ministry of economic affairs and communications: production and market development – Toomas Haidak, Ministry of economic affairs and communications, coordinator of maritime development plan

13.30–14 Estonian boatyard register on the map – Gerli Koppel, Ministry of economic affairs and communications, head of the maritime department

14 Summaries of team work and seminar in the backyard of Kuressaare City harbour